Mesoestetic Age Element Firming Cream 50ml 1.69fl.Oz




Mesoestetic age element firming cream

Mesoestetic age element firming cream is an anti-aging solution with firming action. Thus, it treats flaccidity on the face while providing smooth and elastic skin.

Solutions with restructuring and firming action combined with formulas and textures designed to treat loss of firmness that redefine the facial contour.

Its formula

Mesoestetic age element firming solutions aggregates a set of care products that not only offer an anti-aging action but also a firming one. Thus, it has formulas with patented and epigenetic effectiveness – i.e., which act on the main accelerators of skin aging – which boost skin elasticity, redefining the facial silhouette through a powerful lifting effect.

In this sense, Age element firming cream presents itself as a generalized sagging treatment that provides smoother skin and visibly more defined features. For this purpose it is mainly composed of:

  • [meso]epigen system complex that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, restoring elasticity to the skin while protecting the structure against degradation.
  • Peptides reinforce the skin’s structure by stimulating protein synthesis to preserve visibly defined features.
  • Phytoactive tensors that provide a lifting effect. This offers smoother and firmer skin.

In short, the firming cream redefines the facial silhouette by providing skin turgidity.

Epigenetics, the science behind the new Mesoestetic ranges

After years of research, Mesoestetic has developed a solution based on epigenetic science that can reverse the effects of age markers on genetic expression to counteract the signs of aging in the skin and enhance beauty at every stage of life.

The anti-aging epigenetic action is incorporated into each formula through the [meso]epigen system complex that acts on the main markers of aging:

  • #SIRT1 cellular longevity enhancement – transverse anti-aging marker
  • #PXDN antioxidant and ECM protection – specific anti-aging marker
  • #COL #ELN structural proteins synthesis – specific anti-aging marker (Antiage Firming Solution range)
  • #TGFβI #TGFβII regenerative action growth factors – specific anti-aging marker (Antiage Anti-Wrinkles Solution range)

For this, this complex has the combination of shikimic acid responsible for cell longevity, maslinic acid provides hydration, firmness, and redensification, and isoquercetin with antioxidant action.

How to use age element firming cream?

Use the cream twice a day, daily. Both in the morning and the evening.

First of all, start by cleansing the skin properly. We suggest Brightening Foam with glycolic acid and lactic acid as a cleansing foam. And then the Hydratonic Mist to balance the skin’s pH and allow the correct absorption of Mesoestetic treatment products.

Then distribute the cream evenly over the face by lightly massaging it. Continue until completely absorbed.

Complement your routine for complete protection against photoaging with a high or very high protection sunscreen. Such as  Mesoestetic Melan 130 Pigment Control SPF50.

In addition, you can complement the use of the Mesoestetic age element firming serum.

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